Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Benchmade 610 RUKUS

You knew it was only a matter of time… a Blackwood design with the power of AXIS! The Rukus is big on form and function with plenty of size to take it all in. Its two-part handle assembly is machine contoured in every direction to easily satisfy any grip. The monolithic blade is big on utility, with a low drag flat grind to keep you on edge. So if you’re big on performance, the Rukus is worth the weight!

One-Hand Ambidextrous Function

• Profiled Handle Shape for Solid Grip

Full Drop-Point Blade Geometry

• Movable Carry-Clip

The 610 Rukus™ garnered the award for American Made Knife of the Year...

Blade Length: 4.25"
Blade Thickness: 0.150"
Blade Material: S30V Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
Blade Style: Utility Drop-Point; Ambidextrous Dual Thumb-Studs
Weight: 7.70oz.
Clip: Black, Reversible, Tip-Up
Lock Mechanism: AXIS
Overall Length: 10.12"
Closed Length: 5.95"
Sheath Material: No Sheath
Class: Blue

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SKU: CR1070R

Features a 2.50 in. blade of 420J2 steel steel with black coating, and a 3.12 in. red Zytel/Kraton handle. Comes omplete with pocket clip.

Benchmade Knives

Custom Grade Detailing

• Machine Contoured Handles

Polished Blade Finish

• Titanium Back Spacer

Blade Length: 3.12"
Blade Thickness: 0.100"
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
Blade Hardness: 59-61HRC
Blade Style: Modified Drop-Point; Ambidextrous Dual Thumb-Studs
Weight: 2.26oz.
Clip: Reversible, Silver, Tip-Up
Lock Mechanism: AXIS
Overall Length: 7.28"
Closed Length: 4.16"
Sheath Material: Sold Separately
Class: Blue

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

CRKT Knives

We were delighted when internationally known Japanese knifemaker and American Knifemakers’ Guild member Koji Hara agreed to design a personal knife for CRKT. Koji is noted for his custom folders in exotic materials, and is especially known for his carving of the handle material into a classic terraced landscape that he calls his “Air-Step” design. Our goal was to apply Koji’s remarkable design sense to a small personal folder which could incorporate our patented* OutBurst™ assisted opening mechanism.

Logically, we called this first CRKT Koji Hara series Ichi™, Japanese for “one.”

For rigidity and strength, we used our InterFrame open build, with two 420J2 stainless steel liners. In a first for CRKT, we created layered injection-molded scales of Kraton® and Zytel®, the latter with Koji’s terraced Air-Step design. The result is a small knife that gives good grip, fits the hand nicely, and is truly functional for a variety of work tasks.

The handle tapers neatly into a modified drop point pen blade with a high-hollow grind made of high-carbon stainless steel. An ambidextrous thumb disk allows easy one-hand opening.

The Ichi is available in two color schemes: The bright version has a bead-blast blade, frame, and clip with gray Zytel scale inserts and black fasteners. The black-out version features a black titanium nitride blade coating, black Zytel inserts, black hardware and black Teflon®-plated clip. If desired, the stainless steel clips are easily removed.

Each model is available in conventional non-assisted opening models, or with our patented* OutBurst assisted opening mechanism, which instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade 30 degrees. Both have bronze and Teflon® bearings at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth, fast action.

Most of us can’t carry a Koji Hara custom collectable daily, but the Ichi is a friendly and affordable reminder of one of Japan’s premier custom knifemakers.

Red Koji Hara Ichi. At mid-year, we also introduced special Ichi models, OutBurst assisted and non-assisted, with black titanium nitride-coated blades, black bolsters and red scales. These are very hot little knives.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Selecting a Tactical Knife

I thought it would be a good idea to explain to you what criteria I use for selecting a tactical knife. I am left handed but I live in a right handed world and I can not change that, so my considerations are somewhat different than the average right handed person.

A Tactical knife should have about a 4 inch blade and in Texas where I now live the legal limit is 5.5 inch. Most knives are somewhat hard to open with your weak hand, I have learned to open most any folder with my right hand but its still very awkward.

I have owned many liner lock folders in years past but there are only 2 that I can trust at this time so that they will not close on your fingers and ruin your day. One is the CRKT brand and the model is the M16 which has a dual lock. I have complete faith in this liner lock and these knives are made in Taiwan and sell for a very reasonable price.

The other liner lock folders I trust are the new super premium folders made by Cold Steel. These are expensive folders that retail for about $400.00 and are worth every penny in my opinion. Some models like the "SPECTRE" can only be opened with the right hand which leaves me out. These top of the line folders are in demand and are hard to get at this time. The best way to get one is to pre order them, they are made in Seki, Japan.

The easyiest knives to open with one hand are the Benchmade Axis folders that are superb. Another easy to open knife are the Spyderco knives with the large hole in the blade. SOG makes a very superior knife with an Axis lock that is similar to the Benchmade, it is called the SOG Vision model and is top rated and runs about $200.00 and this is a modified Tanto blade. I think this is the best SOG knife made which also comes from Seki, Japan.

A lot depends on how you want to carry your knife as the better folders have an option of re arranging the pocket clip. I am very open minded but my knives are carried on the right side because being left handed I must keep my Glock pistol on my left side. If I can not open a knife with my weaker right hand I will not carry that knife.

The line of Spyderco knives are very good, but the main problem I have is the flat stainless steel handles are too slipery. I often jewel the entire handle to give it some texture. This is not an easy job and I prefer to buy something like a G10 laminate as the handle material.

I have tried all kinds of different locks on these folders. A lock back knife is very good as on the Cold Steel Voyager. I have a few with a frame lock and have very little faith in it but its better than a liner lock. Its not always how much you spend to get a knife.

There are no sharper knives than Cold Steel because its all in the tempering and the heat treating process. Cold Steel has got it down to a science and if its sharp you want, look no futher as Cold Steel is it. They are not near as easy to open using one hand as a Spyderco or the CRKT or the SOG Arc Lock or some of the assisted opening knives.

I try and find a compromise. For a lefty like me the Axis or Arc lock or the Spyderco knives are easiest to open with one hand. Spyderco has now come out with a ball lock that is very good, and their knives are priced right and they are razor sharp. Microtech uses a liner lock and they look strong but the thought is always in my mind, will it close on my fingers if there is lots of stress on the blade.

Masters of Defense make good knives but they do not have the razor edge like a Cold Steel knife in my opinion. I no longer buy Emerson knives. The selection of steel in your blade is very important. CRKT uses a lot of AUS-8 steel which is good and Benchmade uses D2 steel in a few select models which holds a good edge. The knives that come from Seki, Japan are usually made with ATS-34 premium steel. The American equal to that steel is 154 CM.

I personally always check the steel the folder is made of before I purchase it. Remember the higher the carbon content the sharper you will be able to get it but the down side it will not be as corrosion resistant. When Chromium is added to the steel it becomes corrosion resistant. All good knife manufacturers will tell you what the blade steel is on their fact sheet.


I hope this condensed information will help you in your selection process. Its very important to have a top rated knife because your very life depends on it. You can not have enough knives. You should all have a good quality neck knife also.

Thanks for reading my commentary.


Monday, September 18, 2006


Ocelot ~ C74

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MSRP $199.95

Please Select:

Ocelot ComboEdge
Ocelot PlainEdge

length overall 7 9/16" (192 mm) blade length 3 1/4" (83 mm) blade steel VG-10
length closed 4 7/16" (113 mm) cutting edge 2 5/8" (67 mm) weight 4.1 oz (116 g)
hole diameter 1/2" (13 mm) blade thickness 1/8" (3 mm) handle material G-10

In reality, knives made specifically for hunting get used for cutting much more than just what you bag. It holds equally true that generic outdoor knives often find their way into the hands of the hunter field-dressing their success. The Ocelot seamlessly covers both bases crossing from sport to field and back. The blade’s drop-point tip is thick at the end and its curved full-belly makes short work of both hunting and field chores. It’s constructed with cobalt enriched VG-10 that stays sharper longer in the field where sharpness matters most. Various spots on the hollow-ground blade are textured: At the base of the spine, along the finger choil area and again behind the Spyderco Round Hole. This texturing offers tactical resistance when in contact with the thumb or index finger optimizing grip and providing slip resistance when cutting and caping. The ergonomic G-10 handle is machined with paw prints (pugs) housing full steel liners inside. An ambidextrous tip-up or tip-down clip offers multiple carry options. Centered mid-spine, a back lock features a David Boye dent, minimizing the opportunity to inadvertently release the lock while forcefully gripping the knife. A thong or lanyard can be strung through the steel lined lanyard hole for backup attachment when using the knife in water or brush. Available with PlainEdge or CombinationEdge blade.

Friday, September 08, 2006

SOG Vision

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3.75" ATS-34 folding knife
Super strong Arc-lock
Reversible low carry pocket clip
Military/LE usage

The winner of Blade Magazine's 1999 "Imported Knife-of-the-Year," the SOG Vision is a knife that looks like it was made for the Jetsons! This captivating knife has a radically faceted, high-tech blade that rotates out of a space-age titanium handle. The Vision is more than just a futuristic face, it is also a modern mover with the inclusion of our new, supersonic Arc-Lock™.

The Arc-Lock™ sets a new standard in tactical engineering. It has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find.

  1. Strength: Arc-Lock™ surpassed standard holding capacity in independent lab tests.
  2. Speed: Action provides fast and smooth one-handed opening.
  3. Safety: Positive closing feature ensures that the blade securely stays within the handle when closed.
  4. Ambidexterity: Blade can be comfortably accessed with either hand.
  5. Durability: Arc-Lock™ is self-adjusting for long-term, optimal performance.

The Vision's titanium handle has superior strength and is highly corrosion resistant. It is also extremely lightweight, making it a comfortable knife to carry. A reversible clip allows both righties and lefties to carry the Vision conveniently in pocket or pack.

  • Dual Thumb Stud
  • Titanium Handle
  • Satin Finished Blade
Blade Length
3.75" x .120"
Overall Length
4 oz
ATS-34, Rc 58-60
Titanium Scales, Stainless steel liners
Price $234.00
X-Ray Vision Mini X-Ray Vision

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